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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Im decide already i want

Alhamdulillah , today i just want to say HAPPY for myself and im so glad to be one of the student of UNITAR International University but im decided to study at their regional centre which are located in Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah. Im register to be a student of International College of Yayasan Melaka and im very proud to be with it. Even im not accepted to be a student of IPTA but i know that 'ada hikmah disebaliknya'. And after all, i can also going back to my home in Muar which is only takes 30 minutes to One Hour to reach home. HAHAHA im so glad yaw ! A big very thankful to my mom n my dad cause give their trust for me to bring their beloved Atos to my college. So im not have much trouble to go anywhere and everywhere in Melaka escpecially going to class or shopping mall...opsss haha my mom p/s dont wasting money at cinema or shopping blouse or whatever...blablabla...haha as usually...

Now, for CNY public holiday, we new student for intake January 2013 does not have class until next week maybe...also our schedule still in the making and maybe i can jumped to semester 2 or 3 because for my transfer kredit hour that im already took when im in my DIPLOMA last year said Kak Mastura who are responsible with all UNITAR student in ICYM. I've already gave my transcript to her and just waiting for my schedule next Monday and i just check at student portal of UNITAR website only. Its very simple kan? So i just hope i can adapt with all new thing new life new begin to be a student back and i can improve to speaking and writing and whatever lah...heee ouh ya for my hostel it was like kind da hostel which is u must share ur thing ur bedroom ur toilet ur hanger ur wardrobe with ur roomate and housemate...haha btw they all are my junior who are much much younger than me...haha my roomate also 19 y/ adik adik sangattt...they called me 'Akak Jannah' eishhh rasa tua gilerrr !

So friends....pray the best for me and doakan kejayaan kita semua :) Amin n Insya Allah. Remember this always Usaha, Doa, Tawakal that is very very important to be a better student !

Entah mende aku taip agaknya...HAHA practice makes perfect kan? janji korang faham apa aku tulis. HAHA kbaiiii...ada masa aku sambung lg.

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